Frequently asked question about
setting up your online store

How to add Mailchimp to your online store (where is the API key?)

Would you like to use Mailchimp’s services for your newsletter sending?

Here’s how to sync your Panierdachat online store to your Mailchimp account

To do that, it’s very simple.

1. Log in to your Mailchimp account and go to this page
(You will find this page in “Profile” then “Extras” and “API key”)

2. Copy the code in the “API key” column (in the pink square)

3. In your Panierdachat merchant interface, click on the Marketing  tab (1) and on Newsletter (2). Click on the Mailchimp switch button (3).
(If the Panierdachat newsletter is activate, you need to switch it off to activate Mailchimp)

4. Paste your API key into the field (4) and Save (5).

Then choose an aucience list (6) where your new subscribers will be add and Save (7).

And here is your Mailchimp account account and synced and activated on your online store.