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Skincare & Well-being: 5 Reasons to Create an Online Store to Sell Your Skincare Products

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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March 11 2024
4 min

If you create natural skincare or cosmetic products, we’ll explain all the advantages of having your own online store to sell them!

With your own online store, you present a more professional image, improve your ranking on numerous Google searches, reassure your visitors about the quality of your products, and benefit from a fully personalized site that reflects 100% of your brand.

With Panierdachat, quickly and easily create your online store and start increasing your sales to satisfy many new customers.

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Why sell your natural skincare products online?

Do you care about the quality and well-being of the skincare products you use or that your family uses? Or do you have an environmental ethic? It’s for these reasons that you embarked on creating your own natural skincare products, right?

The web is filled with people like you who would be willing to pay a premium for quality products like yours.

However, these people need to find you.

And for that, nothing beats an online store to present your products as you wish, to convey a professional image that instills confidence in your visitors to make a purchase, or to have pages optimized for visibility on Google, all while being very easy to manage.

In this field, the audience is looking for products that are:

  • 100% natural, organic, without chemical products, without parabens…
  • environmentally friendly, with recyclable packaging and products using materials whose extraction is not environmentally polluting
  • animal-friendly, not tested on animals
  • local, not having traveled around the world and not being manufactured by underpaid workers at the other end of the globe.

The advantages of an online store over marketplaces

Etsy, Facebook, Amazon… these platforms are interesting for selling your skincare products; however, they quickly become expensive with commissions + listing fees + transaction fees, causing you to lose between 10% and 30% of your turnover.

Moreover, having a simple page on a marketplace (as explained in our article “Artisans: Selling in a Marketplace or an Online Store?” or with our article on Etsy) is not at all optimized for search engines and therefore does not allow acquiring new customers through the major internet player: Google.

Sell to more than just your Instagram followers thanks to Google

If you have an Instagram page with 400 to 8,000 followers, it’s probably due to the good work you do on it. Beautiful photos, relevant #hashtags…

But how much time have you spent on Instagram to attract these followers? Do they actually buy?

Instagram is a good communication tool, but followers are not customers. According to the excellent study by the Wolfgang Digital agency, in 2019, only 2% of e-commerce site revenues come from social networks (all combined).
While nearly 40% come from natural searches on Google.

And isn’t it finally time to place yourself on the first page of the search “buy natural face care” or “100% organic body care.”
With your Panierdachat online store, it’s possible!

Increase your visibility and number of customers for free with Instagram Shopping

With your own online store, you can take advantage of Instagram Shopping benefits. With products highlighted by Instagram filters and your photography skills, your Instagram photos will appeal to an audience that will eagerly like and share them.

And with one click on the image, if you put a link to the product’s purchase page. Don’t you think that among the thousands of internet users seeing your post, some will succumb to the pleasure of acquiring your products?

Examples of Instagram posts with Instagram Shopping.
Two Instagram Shopping posts from the online store Créations Mariposa, which sells online with Panierdachat.

Why choose Panierdachat to create your professional online store?

Panierdachat is the partner of many artisans who manufacture their own handmade and natural skincare and wellness products.

They chose Panierdachat to take advantage of its many benefits.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can create, without the need for a developer, a professional and high-performing online store on search engines.

Enjoy a bilingual store at no additional cost

Unlike many other platforms, get a bilingual online store in French

and English at no additional cost. And in addition, it will be optimized for both languages on search engines.

No commissions on your sales for maximum profit

Unlike other online store platforms, Panierdachat takes no commission on your sales.

Do you sell to individuals AND professionals?

Take advantage of the B2B (Business-to-Business) option, and offer discounts and other options specific to commercial customers to build loyalty and increase their purchases.

An SEO-optimized store to rank high on Google results

Stores created with Panierdachat are Google and search engines’ best friends:

  • They are 100% responsive, adapting to all screen sizes, from small mobile to large computer screens.
  • They are light and fast for smooth navigation.
  • You can add keywords (meta) on all product, category, home, informational, blog pages… (both in French and English) to improve their Google ranking.
  • All information on optimization is in this article
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