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RGPD : What changes for my online store?

Written by Michael Villeneuve
March 14 2024
2 min

“GDPR”, it’s the term that has been echoing throughout the internet since May 25, 2018!

But concretely, what is GDPR?

GDPR, what does it mean?

Literally, General Data Protection Regulation.

Who does GDPR apply to?

  • All websites collecting data from their users in the European Union. If your online store is outside the European zone but collects data from users within it, GDPR must be complied with.
  • E-commerce websites or simply websites with registration. Any information collected from a user requires compliance with this regulation.
  • The most affected companies are those that handle thousands of user accounts and use their customer databases to sell this information or abuse marketing messages (spam), but every store must comply with it.

What is the purpose of GDPR?

The purpose of this new regulation is to protect sensitive and personal data of users. No more spam emails or newsletters received from a site where you never signed up. When a user signs up on an online store, they now have control over how their information will be processed.

What are the changes for your online store in Quebec?

If all of your online customers are not in the European Union (the € currency not available for payment), you therefore have no changes to make to your online store.
If part or all of your customers are located in the EU, you must update your data security and privacy policy. All member data processing must be secure and qualified. You will find HERE or on the CNIL website all the points to respect.

How has Panierdachat evolved to comply with GDPR?

Aware that its merchants export their fabulous Quebec products internationally, Panierdachat has updated its security and privacy policy and adjusted certain functionalities to perfectly comply with the new European regulation. This update benefits all Panierdachat online stores, the privacy and data protection text of each store has been rewritten to match GDPR.

However, Panierdachat invites its merchants to comply with this new regulation by:

  1. Not manually exporting their member database outside of Panierdachat
  2. Sending newsletters only to members who want them
  3. Communicating relevantly and clearly during orders placed.

In a nutshell

This new regulation targets large companies and websites whose data protection for their members was not well regulated. In Quebec, only e-commerce businesses dealing with the European Union need to be concerned.
And if your store is with Panierdachat, stay calm, we’ve taken care of everything 😉

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