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Panierdachat is improving the "Sales Reports" according to the requests of its merchants!

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Panierdachat news
March 14 2024
3 min

The success of an online store is primarily:

  • Pleasant and consistent design
  • Intuitive and smooth visitor navigation
  • Effective online (and in-store) communication
  • Attractive and clear product descriptions

These are points that our Panierdachat merchants can offer to their customers thanks to our various design templates developed according to the specificities of different markets.

But we also think about our merchants, managing a store also means visibility on sales figures!

That’s why Panierdachat has developed new, clearer, and more relevant sales reports based on the requests of all its clients!


Sales Reports: Analyze when you sell the most

Accessible to all our Panierdachat merchants, sales reports reveal the number of orders placed, products sold, and the amount collected.

  1. You can view your sales information by week, month, or year. A filter that allows you to adjust your communications according to your busiest months and try to increase your sales during slower months.
  2. Choose the dates you want to analyze your results.
  3. For merchants selling internationally, choose the currency you want here. This way, you have a sales report table for each currency.
  4. Find here the totals of your search.
  5. To sort as you wish, share it with partners, and more, you can export your sales reports in .csv format (table).


Product Reports: Identify your best sellers and their profits

Also accessible to all our merchants, the Purchased Products Reports show you which are your best sellers and which products have a harder time finding their audience.

In a quick analysis, see which are your best products and how much they have earned you in the time frame you desire.


Member Purchase Reports: Identify your top customers

Knowing your customer base is important for a merchant. Accessible from the Gold package onwards, this tab allows you to know, within the time frame you choose, who your top customers are, your most loyal customers with their number of products purchased, and their exact expenses.


VIP / B2B Purchase Reports: Treat your VIP customers

Accessible for Gold and Platinum packages, creating VIP/B2B accounts allows you to offer exclusive discounts to certain customers, offer them free shipping, and other benefits. With these reports, detect who your top VIP customers are and the total amount of sales to these customers compared to your overall sales.


Promo Code Reports: Quantify the results of your promotions

How many times has a promo code been used? What is the sum that this promo code has brought you? How much have you offered to your customers?

All these questions now find their answers in 2 clicks with this tab reserved for our Gold and Platinum clients.


Top Searches: Know your visitors’ actions

Our merchants can perfectly link Google Analytics to their store to analyze the coming and going of their visitors, but with this report, you will be able, in one click, to see the words entered in the search bar of your store? Which ones are the most searched? …

This tab is reserved for Gold and Platinum packages 🙂

All these reports are exportable in .csv format (“excel table” as they are often called)

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