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How to improve image presentation on your online store

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
March 15 2024
2 min

Why is an image worth a thousand words?

Presenting your products on an online store is a very important issue and is often overlooked by online merchants. For the customer, the only reference they have for the product is the image they see on your online store. They will only become aware of the price and description in second place. The quality of the photo is therefore essential! It is what sells the product and attracts the customer’s eye. Don’t hesitate to insert a variety of photos so that the customer can see the product they are interested in from every angle.

Improve the presentation of your products to sell more!

The presentation of your products is therefore an aspect over which you have power and on which it is important to focus your efforts. If you do not have the required skills, do not hesitate to ask for help, take courses, or simply hire a professional photographer. Having photos of your products taken by a professional undoubtedly makes a difference! Moreover, don’t hesitate to use large photos on your online store, it’s trendy and effective!

To see the effect it has, check out two demos:

Here is an example illustrating the proper use of photo display. The first is presented without photo retouching, in a less attractive way. The 2nd photo shows the watch in its natural curve, with more shine and light. Bet that the 2nd photo will sell the product more, even though the product remains the same.

The moral of the story, the photo IS your product.

photo-ecommerce-non-retouchee photo-ecommerce-retouchee

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