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Google Customer Reviews: 5 advantages of integrating it into your online store

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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November 30 2020 (Mis à jour le 4 July 2022)
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Panierdachat vgives you the opportunity to integrate Google Customer Reviews on your online store

By helping to significantly improve your online reputation, the benefits of getting Google Reviews are numerous.

They are a powerful tool to influence your brand trust and your local SEO.

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How does it work?

Google Customer Reviews is a free service offered by Google that allows your customers to rate their shopping experience after each order made on your online store Panierdachat.

Where do Google Customer Reviews appear?

  • In the form of a badge on your online store :

  • In the form of ratings on your free Google Shopping ads:

5 advantages of integrating it into your online store Panierdachat

  1. Positive reviews will reinforce the confidence your potential customers need to make their purchase. By sharing customer reviews, you demonstrate transparency and authenticity. 
  2. They also contribute to an increase in your réputation en ligne.
  3. In this increasingly competitive online world, reviews are a real competitive lever. Indeed, Google seems to integrate and take into account Google reviews in its algorithm. By helping your site to propel you in the 1st search results, they participate in improving your local referencing.
  4. The Google Reviews allow you to increase the click-through rate of your free ads up to 10% thus generating more traffic on your online store.
  5. And thus the chances to make more conversions. 

Find out now how to integrate Google Customer Reviews on your online store Panierdachat.

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