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Follow your visitors' tracks with Google Analytics!

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
March 15 2024
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Google Analytics pour savoir ce que vos visiteurs font sur votre boutique en ligne

Recently added to Panierdachat, Google Analytics allows you to know everything (or almost everything) about your visitors. So, our merchants can simply copy/paste to install this tracking code and learn more about the habits of your customers who buy (or not) on their online store.

To learn how to integrate Google Analytics with your online store.

Useful when an online merchant needs to know:

  • The average cart (in dollars).
  • The number of items sold.
  • The shopping cart abandonment rate.
  • The buyer retention rate.
  • The total sales amount.
  • Compare data relative to a specific date.
  • The number of visitors to their store.
  • The most popular pages and products.
  • Etc.

More information on Google Analytics (traffic statistics for your online store) here.

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