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5 reasons to create an online store for your sports club

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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January 9 2019 (Mis à jour le 13 March 2024)
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You are part of a club or a sports association, professional or amateur, and you want to sell derivatives on the internet.

Panierdachat is the quick and easy solution to create your online store.

Don’t have your online store yet ? Open an account on our easy-to-build e-commerce platform!

Why create an online store instead of a simple website?

Nowadays, it is obvious how important it is to make your club or sports association shine on the web.
Increase the pride of members / players, attract new members attracted by the image communicated, be visible in front of competing associations and clubs, inform your supporters quickly …

So many benefits that make the internet an inevitable place for your sports club. But having an online store adds to its new, much more interesting benefits and that will take your association to the next level.

Create a community with products that fit your image, simply respond to the demand with dedicated and intuitive sales tools, retain your most fervent supporters and seduce new ones …

Sell your sweaters, membership cards and all your derivative items …

Example of a soccer jersey that can be customized at the time of purchase.

Example of a membership card that can be sold with a downloadable membership form below the description.

Errors to avoid

With an online store platform like Panierdachat you enjoy a website and all the tools to sell and manage your sales easily.

  • Adding a bespoke sales module to your website will cost you a lot more and will be much less professional than going to a real online store.
  • Selling on a marketplace your products (added or not to your website) is a mistake, marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon … you commission from 5 to 15% each sale, you do not master the look of these pages, you do take your user out of your site which is not good for SEO …
  • Opting for a reservation system without online payment is of course not optimized to increase the number of sales, brings a heavy management and shows a less professional aspect for the club.

Why choose Panierdachat ?

Panierdachat is the partner of many sports associations that take advantage of its many benefits.

Example of the home page of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens hockey team’s online store

A shop easy to create and manage on a daily basis

The creation of an online store with Panierdachat has been simplified to meet all levels of users while proposing the best management tools. Easily create a shop with a professional and efficient look thanks to intuitive administration and powerful tools.

A bilingual shop with no additional cost

Unlike many other platforms, get an online store in French and English at no extra cost.

And in addition your two versions will be optimized on the search engines;)

A commission-free online shop

Unlike other online shopping platforms, Panierdachat does not take any commission on your sales.

Optimized SEO Store to Top Google Results

The shops created with Panierdachat are Google’s best friends and search engines:

  • They are 100% responsive, they adapt to all screen sizes, from small cell phones to large computer screens.
  • They are light and fast for smooth navigation.
  • You can add keywords (meta) on all product pages, categories, home, informative, blog … (in both French and English) to improve their Google referencing.
  • All information on optimization is on this article
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