Square + Panierdachat
Sell Online
and Offline

Sync your inventory, accept online payments and grow your business

Accept all credit card
with a Square

  1. 01
    Online payments

    Start receiving payments on your online store in minutes by opening a Square account.

  2. 02

    Management all payments in person and online in one place with a Square account.

  3. 03
    Square Terminal

    Accept payments online or over the phone with the Square payment terminal.

  4. 04
    Sync your inventory

    Synchronize your store’s inventory with online inventory in real time by syncing Square and Panierdachat in one click.

Online payment

Even more sales thanks to Square’s online payment system. In one click, you will be able to open an account and receive payments for orders placed on your online store. Funds are usually received the next day. Enjoy the friendliness and ease of Square.

All-in-one configuration
in one click
Clear and constant
Order your free
magnetic card reader
Complete integration
with Panierdachat
Deposits on the next day
2,9% + 0,30$ / transaction
No starting fees,
no monthly fees
Management done right. One account for online and in-person payment

Take advantage of a fully integrated synchronization between Square and SPanierdachat to manage online and in-person payments. Saving time and money while being transparent.


With Square payments, receive your money the next day! An all-in-one, secure solution with no start up or monthly fees.

Keep your head
out of the water.
Sync your inventory.

In perfect synchronization

Enjoy real-time synchronization between Square and Shopping Cart. You will have only one inventory to manage then!

Square Card Reader
& Point of Sale

Take advantage of free Point of Sale (POS) software designed for ease of use. The order and payment process makes it easy to manage your customers and your business. Modules can be ordered from your Square’s account.

Simple configuration, intuitive use

Square offers all the necessary equipment for you to enjoy a turnkey solution, simple and easy to use.

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Gear up for digital sales online and offline

Square offers a PoS (Point of Sale) solution to allow you to accept all types of online and offline payments, by sliding the card with or without contact.

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Enjoy a perfectly integrated solution between Square and Panierdachat. Manage a single inventory, synchronized between the physical store and the online store.

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