Online store
design service
to improve
your image and your sales

Improve the trust of your customers with a
store with professional design. Enjoy a beautiful
store to convert your visitors into buyers!

A turnkey design
for your
online store

Take advantage of the experience of our team of creative graphic designers to create a beautiful online store.
After having collected your objectives and your tastes: we apply to your store the following 8 points:

  1. 01
    Visual presentation on your home page

    Creation of 2 to 3 banner in a carousel on the home page of your online store.
    It’s the best way to give a good first impression and welcome your future customers.

  2. 02
    Presentation image on your category pages

    Creation of header banners for your category pages to make your products more attractive.

  3. 03
    Category images on your home page

    Creation of “avatar-type” images of your categories to incite visitors to click on your featured categories.

  4. 04
    Newsletter popup image

    A good-looking image to impress your customers and make them want to subscribe to your newsletter.

  5. 05
    Ideal and relevant choice of template

    Depending on your market, your new design and your products, we choose the ideal template and customize it to your colours.

  6. 06
    Customized typography

    Selected from over 800 different fonts, we choose a font in total adequacy with your image.

  7. 07
    Creation of a web page

    Inclusion of a web page to your online store with any content you desire (ex: About)

  8. 08
    Links to your online store in the footer

    We add your social networks to your online store.

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