Pay nothing more
than your plan
with our all inclusive

Our solution includes all the tools you need.
No commission, no extra
for paid plugins.

So easy!

With Panierdachat, you always have the possibility to edit your online store yourself. Manage your online store like a pro with our intuitive user interface.

For merchants with specific needs, custom design and development services are also available for our merchants.

  1. 01
    Tax Rules
    automatically configured

    Take advantage of a solution to create a completely bilingual online store at no additional cost. An important asset for selling online internationally.

  2. 02
    Automatic Updates

    Enjoy a hassle free solution. No update required. All maintenance is done for you by our engineering team.

  3. 03
    Web Hosting included

    Enjoy high-performance cloud hosting that can support thousands of visitors per second.

  • Already optimized for SEO and Google
  • Theme design made by professional creatives
  • Secure payments via HTTPS
  • Performance Cloud Hosting Included
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Build your own online store

With Panierdachat, you will always be able to modify your online store yourself. With an intuitive, no-brainer user interface, you’ll be able to manage your online store like a king.

For merchants with specific needs, Panierdachat offers its merchants its custom design and development services.

Bilingual by default

Panierdachat has designed a solution to create its online store fully bilingual. You will not have to add additional charges to your package to get a bilingual online store. Enjoy the benefits of this optimization for search engines and satisfied customers who can navigate in the desired language.

Panierdachat VS competition


Position your online store at the top of Google results with automated SEO optimization by Panierdachat. In fact, adding your inventory and products are automatically sent to Google for indexing.

Make the most of the benefits of Shopping Cart to focus on marketing your online store instead of the technology!

En savoir plus

Automatic updates

Enjoy life! Thanks to the advanced technology of, you will continuously benefit from the updates made to the online sales platform. Your online store will be automatically updated with each new iteration of the platform.

Our team of programmers and developers take care of the upgrades, without you having to lift a finger!

No extra cost, no waste of time, everything works like clockwork!

Use your own
domain name

You already have a website and would like to make it transactional? This is possible with Panierdachat.

Easily attach an online store to your current website for all the benefits of e-commerce.

Consider making your product catalog available to increase your sales online or simply accept your retailer’s orders via the secure B2B module.

To an existing website

Whether you have a website or not, your online store can be used orphaned or integrated into your current website.

By a subdomain

Simple as hello, you only have to contact us to attach your online store to your existing website. We suggest the use of a subdomain such as “”

B2B or B2C, it's your choice

Sell only to your B2B customers. Your online store will be password protected and not accessible to the general public.

Tax rules automatically set up for you

With Panierdachat, no puzzles, no surprises. Canadian and international complex tax rules are automatically pre-configured. Get all the benefits of an online store solution such as Shopping Cart to save your energy!

A cloud infrastructure worthy of the biggest companies
Safe cloud infrastructure

With, the quality also passes by the reliability of the solution. That’s why we only use high-performance servers via cloud solutions. In this way, your online store will always be accessible to your visitors and optimized for one of the best download speeds of the pages.