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With "One-Click Translation," translate your online store into English for more sales!

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Panierdachat news
March 13 2024
2 min

We know that on the internet, and especially in Canada, having a bilingual online store is important. Offering both English and French versions increases the number of potential customers and thus increases the store’s revenue.

Unfortunately, many of you are not bilingual or simply don’t have the time to translate all their product sheets. These hurdles lead you to create only one version of your online store.

That time is over. In an effort to continually improve the benefits offered to its merchants, Panierdachat has created a one-click translation option for product sheets and category pages (other parts of the store will soon benefit from this option).

This option is exclusively available for Gold and Platinum package merchants.

Translate your product sheets in one click: from French to English or from English to French.

Translating your sheets is simple; just create your product sheet by filling in all the fields in your language.

If you already have your store in French, you can add English in the Admin Settings/Languages and check English (and vice versa). Then go to the editing of your product sheets.

Once done, you simply click on the three horizontal dots to the right of the “Save” button and then choose which language you want to translate your product sheet into.

translate a product sheet in one click

Once clicked, all text fields are translated into the selected language in less than 1 second:

text translated into English

Translate only what you want with field-by-field translation

You can also translate field by field, which is useful when you want the product name to remain the same in all languages or when you only want to translate one field of the product sheet.

field-by-field translationfield-by-field translation 2

Fields that can be translated into English and French in the product sheet:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Customer comment message
  • Page title (title tag – SEO)
  • Page description (meta description – SEO)
  • Category title

Translate your other pages in one click

One-click translation is also available on the following pages of your online store:

  • Categories
  • Pages
  • Blog articles
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