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What is the best eCommerce platform for your online benefits ?

On the web, you have many possibilities to sell your products. With monthly fees or commissions on sales, on a marketplace or with your own eCommerce website, you have the choice.

But which one is really the most interesting for you?

To help you choose the best eCommerce platform for your , we compared the user fees of 5 platforms:

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Panierdachat

We calculated service usage and sales charges to tell you how much you cost each of the 5 solutions per month to show you which is the most optimal for your wallet.

Which eCommerce platform will make you the most profit?

We have calculated for you the different monthly fees for use and sales of the platform that you will use.

Panierdachat is, for every number of sales, the platform of online store that will cost you the cheapest.

Panierdachat vs Shopify for a bilingual online store

If you want a multi lingual online store, you need to pay a plugin which increase your monthly payment at Shopify.

For example, do you want a bilingual shop (english and french)?

As you can see, marketplaces services (Amazon, Ebay and Etsy) are very expensive in commissions and come back very quickly more expensive than the services of creating tailor-made online shops (like Panierdachat and Shopify).

As for the comparisons between Panierdachat and Shopify, we have already done a complete test with this page.

With its “all inclusive”, Panierdachat offers the best solution for your costs. And with a very appreciated customer service and efficient and easy-to-use online shops, Panierdachat is THE ideal solution to get you started on-line!

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