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All of Google Tag Manager's benefits for your online store

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Panierdachat news
January 18 2019 (Mis à jour le 13 March 2024)
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After Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and Google Analytics, Panierdachat integrates into its platform a new marketing tool of the Google suite: say welcome to Google Tag Manager!

Google Tag Manager : What is it ?

Google Tag Manager, also called GTM, is the ideal tool to add to your analysis tools the desired details on the marketing data of your website and your online store.
It allows you to add tracking tags to understand in more detail the behavior of your customers / visitors on your online store.

Information that will allow you to evolve your online store to better meet the expectations of your visitors and thus improve: the average basket and your turnover.
But also the satisfaction of your customers who will easily find what they came for.

Don’t have your online store yet ? Open an account on our easy-to-build e-commerce platform!

Google Tag Manager for online store

Google Tag Manager : How it works ?

With Analytics, every request for accurate statistics must be done by a web developer, which often results in a large budget with a longer or shorter lead time.

Google Tag Manager, gives you the reindeer statistics of your site and easily allows everyone, and without touching the source code, to highlight the desired statistics.

How? By letting you place via a clear and simplified interface tags (script) in the code of your online store. These tags are used to collect the required information and send the stats in your connected analysis tools such as:

Find the list of accepted tags HERE

In addition to this list you can also add all the scripts of your desired applications:

  • The Facebook Messenger chat

As usual, we have integrated Google Tag Manager to link your account to your Panierdachat store with just one click. To do this simply enter your GTM user code (located in the header of your account) in the field for this purpose.

In the meantime, here is a short video explaining Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager : The must have for your online store

The main objective of the GTM, give you statistics on visitor behavior on your site to improve it and in the case of your online store to increase sales.

Google Tag Manager is the perfect way to consolidate relevant information from Analytics, Google Ads or Panierdachat Reports into one place.

But also know additional relevant information:

  • The number of clicks on a product page, category page …
  • The number of clicks on a call to action (on your carousel home for example) / a link in particular
  • The number of downloads of a PDF file
  • Products deleted after being put in the cart
  • Basket abandonments
  • The playing time of a video
  • Or add apps like the Facebook Messenger chat

Namely: to simplify the creation, many tags (including those mentioned above) are pre-programmed. However, if you want information that is not in the pre-configured list, you can ask an agency like Laradev (the web agency behind Panierdachat) to program it for you.


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