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Integrating an online store into WordPress

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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March 15 2024
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How to Add an Online Store to Your WordPress Site

Today, it’s no longer necessary to spend a fortune reconfiguring your website infrastructure to integrate an online store. Panierdachat provides a turnkey solution that allows businesses to quickly implement an online store at minimal cost.

With Panierdachat, nothing prevents you from keeping and improving your current site. You just need to add a new section to it and link to your new online store! For example, you can easily use a subdomain (e.g., to host your online store.

The advantage is that you can reserve your time for promoting your new online store instead of spending it on programming and fixing potential bugs… You know, WordPress isn’t always a gift!

Use a Subdomain for Your Online Store

By using a subdomain, you can install your Panierdachat online store on it. This way, you can keep your site programmed under WordPress and get the best of both worlds!

  • Your store can be available at this URL:
  • Your site will remain available at this URL:

Another significant advantage is that Panierdachat is fully managed. So, you won’t have to update your online store yourself. (We do it for you!)

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