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Chatbot, the lethal weapon to increase your online sales

Written by Michael Villeneuve
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March 11 2024
3 min

The year 2020 is the year of the chatbot for e-commerce!

Your e-commerce website / online store should get a chatbot to meet the urgent demands of your customers!

As explained in the article on 2020 web trends by the Montreal web agency Chocolat Media, chatbots have improved since their creation; they are more versatile and even use Artificial Intelligence.

According to a study conducted in 2018, the three most cited advantages by internet users in using a chatbot are:

  • Quick answers to questions (37%)
  • Ability to solve a problem (36%)
  • Provides relevant details about the company’s services (34%)

Chatbots are inevitable to improve customer relations and satisfaction, and as Bill Gates said, “The best advertisement is a satisfied customer.”

In the same study mentioned earlier, it is also learned that frustrations that an internet user may have on an online store are:

  • Lack of help to navigate the site and find what they are looking for easily (34%)
  • Not having an instant response to simple questions (31%)

…these two frustrations can be avoided with a well-configured chatbot.

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Adding a chatbot to your e-commerce site is easier than you think

With the Panierdachat platform and Tidio, you can easily add your chatbot to your online store.

In addition to the benefits for your visitors mentioned above, you will reduce your customer service time and be able to focus on your marketing, production, or partnerships.

Here is an example of the result:

1. Collect the most frequently asked questions and common concerns

Before starting to create your chatbot, you will need to:

  1. List all frequently asked questions you want to answer
  2. List all concerns or misunderstandings encountered
If you have an FAQ, part of the work is already done!

You will be able to use its content so that the chatbot also answers these questions.

Instead of providing general answers, as the FAQ does, the chatbot will be able to refine your visitors’ questions to give them exactly what they expect.

Example: The customer wants to know the opening hours of one of your stores. Instead of displaying the hours of all your stores, the chatbot can ask for the city and then refine according to the desired store to display only the hours of the selected store.

With this example, chatbots using Artificial Intelligence or AI (which can cost several hundred dollars per month nonetheless) could geolocate the visitor to directly propose the nearest store, or even dynamically display the real-time hours (“closed tomorrow, Thursday, January 1st” for example).

Main advantage of AI Chatbots

The advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbots is that they can improve their responses and language used on their own over past conversations. This improves the naturalness of responses and the fluidity of the conversation.

For example, when Google suggests searches after typing a few words, it is Artificial Intelligence that manages the relevance of these proposals. Results based on your location, previous searches starting with these words, and many other pieces of information that Google keeps secret.

2. Build your Chatbot

In our case, we will explain how to install a “FAQ Chatbot“, which does not use AI, is more affordable (starts at $15/month for Tidio’s 5000 conversations versus an average of $500 for AI Chatbots) and can respond to all merchants when well configured.

In the video above, we show you the basics of creating a free chatbot for an online ready-to-wear store.

In the example, the chatbot welcomes new visitors and offers them help based on the most frequently asked questions.

You can see a live example in the demo store of the Madrid theme here.

3. Analyze discussions and results

After putting the chatbot online, you will be able to see all the exchanges it had with your visitors.

Identify the most traveled paths by your visitors and check if visitors have written questions.

This will allow you to adjust and perfect your chatbot’s responses to always improve the user experience.

Repeat this refinement

step several times until your bot is ready to answer the most frequently asked questions to truly help your visitors and customers.

After a month of use, analyze if the chatbot has had an influence on your results:

  • an increase in sales and revenue
  • a decrease in your customer service time (fewer emails and phone calls).

If your chatbot is well configured, it will surely have a positive influence on these two crucial points for an e-commerce site.

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