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Artisans and merchants: Sell your customizable products online.

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
March 14 2024
2 min

You are an online store for gifts, baby accessories… and some products are customizable (or all of them)? It is now possible to sell them online with

Whether you sell jewelry, mugs, fake diplomas, figurines, or customizable clothing with a name, a phrase, it is now possible for your customers to inform you of the text to personalize on your products.

Example of a customizable product on a Panierdachat online store.

You can write with your own words the message to guide your “future customers” for customization: maximum number of characters, text formatting…

Printers, engravers, artisans, or even shops with original gift ideas, do not hesitate to take the plunge into online sales!

Other benefits of product comments:

Allow your users to inform you about their preferences regarding this product or to make a request.

Let your customer talk to you about their specifications.

Customers can suggest new sales ideas with their request.

You are a Panierdachat online merchant?

We explain here how to add comments to your product pages.

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