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3 ways to build customer loyalty

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Optimize your store
March 15 2024
2 min

The online commerce world differs from brick-and-mortar retail in many ways. That’s why building customer loyalty online needs to be approached differently. Follow these simple rules for additional revenue!

1. Showcase Your Items in Their Best Light

You might have the most beautiful rocking chair model in town. However, if the photo doesn’t do it justice, alas, it will be hard to convince your buyer! To highlight the quality of your products, it’s important to take beautiful photos of them.

2. Building Trust to Foster Loyalty

A potential customer won’t trust just any merchant! Firstly, the visual element of an online store already helps establish a first step; if you use an elegant template (Panierdachat’s are all elegant, of course) with a logical organization of your items, it will facilitate navigation and enhance the quality of the customer experience.

Next, it’s obvious that the payment process must be secure. To achieve this, Panierdachat offers you several options for setting up payment, allowing you to stay on your site (rather than redirecting to an external, unknown site).

You can also customize a message that the customer will receive after their purchase to ask for their feedback, suggest a hashtag for them to share their purchase on social media, or simply send them some kind words to thank them for their purchase. A favorable memory of your brand will help foster customer loyalty!

3. Excellent Customer Service

With over a decade of experience in various client contexts, I can confirm how important each interaction with a customer is for a business. A customer who feels they are always given more than they ask for will be inclined to return.

Surprising the customer positively can be done by offering, for example, unique packaging, targeted promotional codes, or particularly attentive after-sales service. Therefore, it’s crucial to assign your customer service rockstars to phone and email! A tip for identifying them: your rockstars are positive individuals, always solution-oriented with a smile on their faces!

Beautiful items, a secure payment process, and excellent customer service… That’s an excellent formula to help you make online sales and foster loyalty among those who are already customers!

Happy selling!

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