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2021 Panierdachat version : what are the new features ?

Written by Michael Villeneuve
Panierdachat news
May 26 2021 (Mis à jour le 19 February 2024)
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Panierdachat has just unveiled the new generation of its e-commerce platform and offers you many new features.

Between new features and improvements to those already present, we list all the new advantages of this 2021 version of Panierdachat below. And the plans are still starting at only 29.95$ / month!

The 2021 Panierdachat new features

To help you to find the features you are looking, we have listed them by sections.

Customize the visual of your store as you see fit

The visual editor gives you a 100% customizable store

A new tool is introduced: the Visual Editor. With this tool, you will be able to make all the visual modifications of your online store template.

Preview of the Visual Editor
  • You can customize your Home page by adding different modules: Carousel, Products, Text etc.
  • With the Carrousel module, you can now add a video to bring even more dynamism and information to the reception of your store. You can also add buttons on each slide of the carousel.
  • In addition to managing the links in your footer, you can add the logos of payment cards/providers accepted, of the social networks on which you are present or even add a personalized text.
  • You can now add a customizable header banner without having to offer free shipping (like on the previous version).

Other new features in terms of visual additions to your store

  • To be able to add a banner for the acceptance of cookies (GDPR law).
  • 100% customizable pop-up window without necessarily having to display a registration field for your newsletter (as on the previous version).
  • Add your logo or images of your different products for each of the available languages.

Edit your images directly on Panierdachat with an intuitive and useful tool!

Preview of the editing tool
  • A new tool, totally free for our merchants, has been added to quickly and easily edit all the images added to the stores. Crop, rotate, write on top … no more need to do this before adding to your store with an external tool, everything is possible in click when adding images. A saving of precious time!
  • Bonus, you can manage the display order of the images of a product from the upload, no need to save it.

Present your products as you always wanted

  • 2 new price display options “From …” and “Min price – Max price” will be available for products with different values.
  • 1 new variant management option: management of a single inventory even on products with variants
  • The groups of values are saved, they can be reused easily without having to recreate everything from 0 (this will later be used to make filters as well)
  • 1 new product delivery option: “undeliverable product” for products that can only be picked up in store
  • A customizable Low in Stock label can be displayed on stores

Offer the shipping method that suits you for your customers

You can now fully customize the shipping methods you offer to your customers:

  • All shipping method names will be customizable
  • All methods can be displayed only for your B2B / VIP groups
  • Multiple store pickup addresses can be displayed
  • 1 new shipping partner: Machool (with shippers: Canada Post, FedEx, Dicom, UPS, DHL, Purolator etc.)

Develop a blog and create a loyal community around your brand

The management of a blog and the creation of articles has been improved to offer each merchant the possibility of creating an attractive and relevant blog.

  • A much more customizable blog: title, subtitle, presentation text, presentation image, being able to put articles and categories forward on the home page and around the articles.
  • Ability to create blog post categories

Work as a team and manage multiple stores

Because Panierdachat offers an interface for all sizes of business, we have added 2 new features:

  • To be able to have several users with different levels of rights (roles) on the same store
  • Create and manage several stores under the same account
  • An order and payment status label allows you to manage the progress of “To prepare”, “To ship”, “Shipped”, “To prepare for pickup” “Partial refund” orders, etc.

A more intuitive interface, more efficient stores

The new version offers many new features, most of which are mentioned above. But this new version also offers:

  • A new administration interface that is more modern, responsive and intuitive in order to always facilitate the daily management of online stores.
  • Lighter and more powerful online stores for even smoother and more enjoyable navigation for customers.
  • A personalized URL checkout for each store in order to always reassure customers.

New products to discover in the coming months

We will list you in detail what you can expect in the coming months of 2021 on this new version of Panierdachat.

  • Add a point of sale (PoS) system to synchronize your inventory in store and online (or even two!)
  • Possibility to offer gift certificates
  • New shipping partners like ShipStation and Flagship
  • Products reserved for your B2B / VIP customers
  • To be able to make a reduction on the whole store in one click
  • New types of promotional codes
  • Creating manual orders
  • And many more!
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