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Centralize and
your inventory
in store
and online

Thanks to a powerful point-of-sale solution named Alice PoS, your online and in-store inventory can be perfectly synchronized. Take the path of omnichannel selling.

Open an Alice PoS account
Open an Alice PoS account
Sync your inventory and your orders
Save time

Alice PoS makes inventory synchronization simple.

Alice POS is designed to increase revenue and save time for all retailers while providing specific features to store networks such as store-to-store inventory transfers, standardized network pricing and advanced reports.

Synchronize, centralize & simplify

A single tool to simplify the synchronization of your inventories between Panierdachat and Alice PoS.

A powerful solution
Alice POS is a powerful solution for store owners looking for an all-inclusive point of sale.
Increase your revenus
A retailer with revenues of $300,000 can reduce costs by almost 10%, saving $30,000 per year by owning a point-of-sale system.
Save time
Alice POS users save an average of 30 hours per month on product management to create their flyers.

Synchronize, centralize & simplify

Quick start
Alice POS is designed to increase revenue and save time for all retailers while providing specific features.
Data centralization
Alice POS is a highly portable solution that easily centralizes all your sales, wherever you are. Sell simultaneously in-store, online, at trade shows and at sidewalk sales.
All-in-one POS touch solution
Enjoy an incredibly pleasant touch experience with Alice POS on your touch screens and tablets.
Simply sync your inventory.
Omni-channel sales at your fingertips.
Open an Alice PoS account

Enjoy an incredibly pleasant touch experience on your screens and tablets by synchronizing Alice POS with your online sales. This tool offers simple computerized inventory management, so that you can track your stocks in real time.
Make the choice to save time and money by centralizing all your orders, quickly and efficiently.

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