List of updates

  • Fixed a bug about the transactional email
  • Fixed a minor problem affecting the secure access
  • Fixed a bug affecting the color of the text on the Mexico template
  • Fixed a bug affecting the deletion of a category
  • Fixed a bug affecting popup registration
  • Fixed a bug affecting fixed shipping costs
  • Possibility to add no delivery fee for products
  • Geolocation where visitors are redirected to the right language and currency (platinum only)
  • Improvement of category images displayed on the home page
  • Adding a second line of address to the billing & payment page
  • Adding a field for the phone number extension
  • Auto-fill email in payment page if customer is a member of the website
  • Shipping by weight grid
  • Affiliate System
  • It is now possible to connect to multiple administration area using only one browser!
  • Upgrading ElasticSearch to Version 5.1
  • Import from Etsy now available
  • Facebook shops now faster
  • Fixed a bug when viewing recommended products
  • Fixed a bug of reports with incomplete data
  • Fixed bug that prevented deleting an image in a blog post
  • Addition of an error message when the payment of a subscription is not confirmed at activation
  • Fixed a bug in San Francisco template
  • Facebook Pixel tracking code
  • Google Adwords conversion tracking code
  • Retrieving the size of images for use with high resolution screen
  • Bug affecting the final result of variant images
  • HTTPS for all domain names
  • Improved design of web site headers on mobile
  • Integration of a new login system at the end of a session avoiding to repeat the update in progress
  • Ability to order groups of variants
  • Fixed a bug that caused a 500 error when changing the product name
  • Instagram in test phase
  • Adding event history to invoices
  • Correction of the product order
  • Favicons images and pdfs are now all saved on AWS S3
  • Integrating a 404 page for non-existing stores
  • Transition from the PHP programming language to PHP7
  • Switching from VueJS 1.0 to VueJS 2.0
  • Complete unit and functional tests on the administration
  • Enhance the user experience with the AjaxCart update without going to the shopping cart page automatically
  • Migrating micro-services to a new Cloud architecture
  • New checkout page (design, order summary, etc.)
  • Improved error handling
  • Google Address verification on checkout
  • Payment processors update (Paypal, Netbanx & Moneris)
  • Refund tool (partial or total)
  • Improved transaction security with CVV & AVS validation
  • Removal of current versions of Monetico, Paypal & Netbanx. Replaced with improved ones.
  • Global improvements