List of updates

  • Correction of an error message generated by Canada Post’s API concerning international shipping only
  • CSS update on a template
  • Fixed bug with fixed fees (saving)
  • Fixed bug for newsletter sending date
  • Removed American Express from the checkout when paying through Moneris
  • Fixed a bug on Safari when changing the shipping settings.
  • Added product SKUs on order receipts by email and in the orders management in the administration as well.
  • Improved Secured Access page (Logo, newsletter subscription and editable text)
  • Improved the recap in mobile checkout
  • Improved languages and currency changes switch
  • Modification of the checkout favicon
  • Addition of a system to bring visitors to top of the page once they save
  • Addition of a link to a tutorial (Facebook Pixel)
  • Validation for products names and translation through quick edit tool
  • Validation for each email address imported for newsletter use
  • Use of donotreply email for B2B confirmation email
  • Addition of a warning message when images are too heavy on product pages
  • Improved image deleting in newsletter system
  • Creation of an advanced export file in Management > Orders
  • Improved display of Paysafe/Desjardins configuration page
  • Correction to avoid special characters in shop names
  • Addition of spacing between menu names in Milan Template
  • Addition of currency symbol in the San Francisco template
  • Phone number validation now in the checkout form
  • Validation for a single email in the administration settings of the contact page.
  • New validation of the domain name system
  • Setting up automatic redirects of modified or unavailable URLs (404 —> 301)
  • Fixed a bug affecting Google Maps on the contact page
  • The price of a product must be greater than $ 0.00
  • Fixed a footer link leading nowhere
  • Activation of the auto-complete in the checkout
  • Sent email marketing campaigns now display on the Sent Campaigns tab
  • Fixed a bug affecting tracking with the Facebook pixel
  • Fixed a bug about the transactional email
  • Fixed a minor problem affecting the secure access
  • Fixed a bug affecting the color of the text on the Mexico template
  • Fixed a bug affecting the deletion of a category
  • Fixed a bug affecting popup registration
  • Fixed a bug affecting fixed shipping costs
  • Possibility to add no delivery fee for products
  • Geolocation where visitors are redirected to the right language and currency (platinum only)
  • Improvement of category images displayed on the home page
  • Adding a second line of address to the billing & payment page
  • Adding a field for the phone number extension
  • Auto-fill email in payment page if customer is a member of the website
  • Shipping by weight grid
  • Affiliate System