How to use a promotional code?

A promotional code allows you to apply a discount in percentage or a particular amount. You can use it to thank your newsletter subscribers, create a seasonal sale or by using it as a credit in store.

You can find promotional codes in your Marketing menu, in Promo Codes. Here’s how you can add a new promotional code:

code promo

  1. Start by giving a name to your code. It can be letters and numbers. Note that caps lock are not considered different than lowercase letters by our system.
  2. Choose a currency, or choose all.
  3. Enter an amount, or a discount in percentage.
  4. The usage can be limited or unlimited. You can also make it unique so only one customer can use it once.
  5. Dates: if this code doesn’t concern a specific time or period, you can leave these spaces blank.
  6. Maximum and minimum amounts: if these two rules don’t apply, you can leave these blank as well.
  7. Free delivery can apply to a promo code. *Please note that a promo code is firstly a discount code. Therefore you can’t use a promo code for free delivery without a discount.
  8. You can apply the code to your whole catalogue or you can select products of a specific category, for instance.

Once you click “Save” your code will be ready! It is an excellent opportunity to test your code with a typical order, so you can see if your promo code applies like you want it to.