Migrate my domain to my infrastructure

Manage Your DNS Records Independently

Do you wish to manage your DNS records without using our services? Great news! This is now possible with Panierdachat.

Start Now:

To begin, please add the following two DNS records to your infrastructure:

Type Name Value
CNAME @ <YOUR_SHOP_NAME>.panierdachat.app
CNAME admin <YOUR_SHOP_NAME>.admin.panierdachat.app


If you are using a subdomain, please use this nomenclature:

Type Name Value
CNAME <YOUR_SUBDOMAIN>.admin <YOUR_SHOP_NAME>.admin.panierdachat.app


After adding these two DNS records, please contact us here to finalize the installation of your domain on the Panierdachat application.

We look forward to assisting you in this process and seeing your shop thrive with Panierdachat!