How to add variations to my product?

If one of your products are available in different sizes or different colors, you will need to add variations to your product (helpful for the sale of clothing, for example). The system can be difficult and that is why we have created a tutorial to help you.

1. Go on the product’s page in the merchant interface of Then scroll down all the way down to the question “Does this product there any alternatives? “.

2. Press the button “Add variant” (step 1).


3. Fill in the information about your group variant. Under step 2 (Name the group of variants), enter the name of the variant. This name does not appear on your online store. Then enter the data of your options (step 3):

Name: As the group’s name, the name is only indicative and will allow you to recognize your data in the merchant interface. (NB The name of the data must be unique and must not be empty.)
French: The French name of your alternative as it will display on your shop.
English: The English name as shown on your shop.


4. To add a new entry, press the blue button “Add another data” and another row will be added. You can add as you see fit.

5. When all your data has been added, you have two options: Create a second variant by clicking the button “Add a variant” and go back through steps 3 and 4 of the tutorial or go to step 6.

6. Once all variants are added, you can now customize them.

Active: Indicates whether the variant is active or not, so if it appears on your online store or not. In the picture below, the variant Petit/Bleu is not active.
Influence on the price: Changes the price of the product depending on the variant chosen by your customers. For example, if the base price of my product is $ 10 and a customer chose the Green and Small options, the price of the product is $ 9 (applying the same logic, the product price with the options Medium and Green is $ 11).
Influence on weight: Uses the same principle as the influence on the price, but for weight. Very useful if you use delivery methods that are based on weight to calculate the fees.


7. Finally, press the “Save” button at the bottom or top of the page to save your information.

8. If you want to change an existing variant, in step 1, choose the variant you want to edit from the drop down menu.


You want to manage the inventory according to the variants? It’s easy! Read this short tutorial for the step-by-step.