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setting up your online store

How to accept online payments with Paysafe?

With your Panierdachat online store you benefit from the payment provider Paysafe.

For information, for this payment you can go with Desjardins until the end of 2020.
In 2021, Desjardins will do business with Global Payments, this method will be added to Panierdachat and you will have the choice to continue with Paysafe or Desjardins and Global Payments. Continuing with Paysafe you will have nothing to do.

Create your Paysafe account

If you have not created your Paysafe account, you can click here to access the registration form so that Paysafe can contact you and activate your account.

Note: Paysafe may ask you for a return url. This is the url of your store (subdomain with or your domain name) ex:


You will then receive by email two pieces of information necessary for your configuration:

  • your Paysafe account number (e.g. : 10903436)
  • your API key (e.g. : pmle-123456789:B-p1-0-58979816-0-302c0214367f67…)

Sync your Paysafe account to your online store

Once these you have your Paysafe account open and active.

On your merchant interface, click on Settings (1) then on Payments (2).

On the payment page page, click on the Credit Card pane (3) to open it. On the Desjardins line, click on the switch (4) to open the settings page for this payment method.

In the settings page

  • your Paysafe account number (e.g. : 10903436)
  • your API key (e.g. : pmle-123456789:B-p1-0-58979816-0-302c0214367f67…)

You can leave tick only the box of the line “invalid CVV”

Finally, on the payment method page, make sure that the Paysafe (Desjardins) line is activated. for that it must be green.

If it is not, press the switch to the right of the line to activate payment at your store.

Test mode

If you want to make a test payment before, you must:

  1. Inform API TEST keys
  2. Check in the payment configuration on Shopping Cart the Test Mode box.
  3. Use a test card – You can use this following card number: 4530910000012345 – the name must be only letters – the CVV 3 or 4 digits and the expiration date must be a date greater than the date of your test.

To see more clearly in all the names related to this service:
The service offered is that of the provider Paysafe (former Netbanx) of the Optimal Payment group.