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setting up your online store

How to accept online payments with Desjardins Payment Solutions?

As a proud partner of Desjardins, is pleased to offer you the ability to accept payments with Desjardins. Here are some easy steps to set up Desjardins Evolution with

1. Go to “Settings > Payments” of the merchant interface of your online store and click on “Open an Account”.

2. You can also click here to access the Premium package offered by Desjardins. Click on Choose this solution and fill out the service request. Please note the process can take up to a few days or weeks on Desjardins’ end to get completed.

3. Once your agreement is made with Desjardins, you must contact Optimal Payments to tell them you are ready to set your account to “Production” mode.

N.B. It’s possible Optimal Payments will ask you for your Return URL. Here is your store’s URL, depending on your settings: or

4. You will then receive two pieces of information necessary for your configuration:

  • your Paysafe account number (e.g. 99901792)
  • Your Api Key (e.g. panierdachat:B-p1-0-58979816-0-302c0214367f67d4f6feba8214…)

5. Go to the “Settings> Payments” section and click on the “Configure” button associated with Desjardins Evolution.

6. Afterwards, enter your informations in the fields provided.

7. Press “Save”.

8. Finally, press the “Activate” button to make the payment method available on your online store. Once activated, the line will turn green.


Here is the final validation of your payment page: