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Background removing for e-commerce photos

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Take a single picture with your mobile device on a solid color background.
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Send your photo to Pixc for a quick background removal.
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Get your photo within 24 hours and sell your item faster.

A word on Pixc
Photo background removal tool

Consumers consider product photos to be more important than product descriptions and customer reviews. So, Pixc provides on demand image editing within 24 hours so you can increase your sales. By using Pixc, you can focus your time on customers and growing your business.

Holly Cardew started Pixc in Australia when she was building eCommerce stores. The biggest problem for the sellers was the product content and their product listings. She knew that everyone had a smart phone and could take a decent photo, it just needed fixing quickly and for a reasonable price, so she launched Pixc.

Holly’s vision is to help at least one million merchants sell more and minimize the repetitive tasks by providing smart technology solutions.