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How long does it take Google to index your website or update it?

As a web agency and e-commerce website creation platform, one question often comes back to us:

How long will it take for my website to be visible on Google?

This question can, in fact, ask for 3 informations:

  1. When will my website be indexed on Google?
  2. When will my website be referenced on the first page of Google?
  3. When will the updates made on my site be visible on Google?

Dans cet article nous répondrons aux questions 1 et 3.

This article “How to to reach the first Google page with your website?” answers question 2.

The difference between “Indexing” and “SEO” in one story

Even if literally both terms mean the same thing, on the web there is a nuance.

Let’s compare a website to a physical store:

  1. When you create a website, you create the walls and content of your physical store.
  2. For this store to be accessible, you must place it on Earth, this corresponds to hosting your site on a web host.
  3. To be able to go to your store, you will inform its address, this corresponds to the URL of your website starting with www.
    At this stage, still in comparison with the web, your physical store is lost in the middle of the desert with no public visibility.
  4. At first you will move your store in the city to a room on the 5th floor of a small building in an alley with little traffic. Your store is easily accessible for those who know it. For your website, this step is the indexing of your website on Google. Your site can be found on the search engine for those who are looking for the name of your site.
  5. Your store wants to sell more and be known to more people, so you move to a store with a storefront. Passers-by looking for products identical to yours stop to discover your products.
    This is the referencing. In addition to being indexed on Google, your site is “well referenced” you are on the first page when important keywords related to your business are typed.
  6. Your business is growing and you want to sell even more so little by little you move to more touristic and busy streets to end up in the city center. This is SEO optimization. By doing the famous SEO, you will improve the ranking of your website on important Google searches.
    You move from 10th to 1st position!
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In a few words

When you create a website, it is available on the web but is not yet part of the Google index so it cannot be found on the search engine. For this, the information of the site must be sent to Google (via a site map –the platform Panierdachat does this automatically for its online stores). This is the indexing.
Once indexed, you have to improve your SEO to find your site on the first page: this is called SEO.

The SEO and indexing of a website takes time!

How long does it take for Google to index my website?

Whether it’s the creation of a new website, a new blog article or a new page, the indexing (the time that Google adds the item to its index) can vary between 10 minutes and 3 days.

What can speed up indexing is :

How long does it take for Google to update the information on my website?

You have updated the name of your online store Panierdachat, one of its pages or you have deleted a page but it is still referenced on Google with the old information?

Unlike indexing, updating depends on many factors.

Updating can take between 24 hours (for busy websites) to 2-3 weeks for smaller websites.

Google acts as an inspector of billions of pages. It calculates the relevance of each page with its algorithm and updates the content to always be up to date.
So in order for the Google inspector to notice you and update your site, it must be visible.

This can speed up the updating of your content on Google :

  • Describe your products accurately by detailing as many things as possible: brand, model, origin, color, features;
  • Integrate internal links on each of your pages;
  • Create relevant content: By writing articles on your blog : this will attract more visitors for free because you will write on topics that directly refer to the products you want to sell online;
  • Share the page in question on as many social networks as possible to create an audience;
  • Make a request for manual indexing of a url via the Google Search Console;

Need help?

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Our objective: to offer you a better visibility and an optimal positioning on all search engines allowing you to be displayed in the first pages, and thus increase the number of visits on your site.

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And take advantage of our special offer to help businesses with the code 1MOISSANSFRAIS. no charge from you before 45 days!
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